I will be adding more to this page over time.
So many pictures!

Over time I have taken odd shots here and there that I really like. I have added them to this page as I find them and bring them out. One of them is the butterfly picture at the left. I got that way back around 1989 on Blood Mountain in North Georgia. Those are wild flame azalias.

As usual, click on the photo for a larger version.

Me Above the Clouds This is me on top of Chimney Tops.
Gatlinburg is behind me in the clouds.
The Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge. Wow, what a day. I was there at the right time.
Rodeo Beach near the Golden Gate North of the Golden Gate and over at the ocean is Rodeo Beach.
I-285 Interchange Zoom My brother works for a cell phone company. He goes to towers. Sometimes they are on top of big buildings. I went up with him one day and brought my camera. I got these great shots of the I-285 and I-75 interchange in Cobb County on the NW side of Atlanta.
I-285 at 1-75, Cobb County, Smyrna, GA Here are five photographs stitched together in Photoshop. Interesting!

Destroyer and a much bigger ship
A picture my dad took during WWII.

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