J.C. the puppymonster

Just before I got into geocaching, we got our dog J.C. That initially stood for "Just a Canine", but over time it sort of began to stand for "Just Crazy". He is crazy for sure.

This was taken on the Sweetwater Creek Trail.

Man can he run. I love the picture above. The one below is a more normal pace.

J.C loves the snow.

Too bad we don't get much of it down here. When we do get it, he loves to hang out in the backyard and loves to run and play in it. Here is a shot I got of him several years ago. We were playing with his frisbee and he was taking a short break.

He really likes cooler weather in general. One funny thing he does on walks in the summer is running from shady spot to shady spot. When we are out walking, his dark fur on his back soaks up the sun. When we get in the sun he trots really fast. When we hit a shady spot, he slows down to a normal walk. It is funny and took me a while to notice it.

Romping in the snow!
The boy is just full of fun.

Sticking his tongue out.
He has actually been eating snow. Snow on his nose!

J.C. loves his frisbee. We play with a flexible one because I read that the regular plastic ones can fracture their teeth. He can catch a regular one though, and we keep a few around to practice with from time to time. We use a glow in the dark one in the winter time. Here are some frisbee catching flying dog shots!

The puppymonster thanks you.