GPS -- Global Positioning System
GPSR -- GPS Receiver (handheld device)
Geocaching -- High Tech Hide and Seek with your GPS.

Who knew that playing with billions of dollars of technology could be so fun.

There are several game popping up out there that use GPSRs (GPS Receivers) as an integral part of the game. When Selective Availability was turned off, a whole new hobby was born. People all over the world now play the game of Geocaching. The sites I visit regularly are listed below. I go into more with the topics on the left menu, including my pal the puppymonster.

geocaching_logo3.gif (I took this image from main web site. My Geocaching tab has more information on geocaching. High tech hide and seek!
Virtual caches, locationless caches and web cams have moved to this new site. It has expanded way beyond that now.
The international effort around Earth Day in April where geocachers unite to help clean our planet.
Basically playing GPS-enabled adventures in the real world using your GPS to guide you to locations and where you interact with virtual objects and characters. Also a geocache type.
The parent company of all of the above.
Searching out exact lattitude and longitude intersections.

1513 MPH, Mach One and Beyond

Signal is the mascot for Since it is a family friendly game they created a fun mascot. Each month he gets a new wallpaper feature. Koko does a great job giving us some fun images of Signal.