Puppymonster Action Movies

I have experimented recently by taking some movies with a digital camera. I have wanted to get some more shots of J.C. as he is playing with the soft frisbee out in the back yard.

Here are some of them. They can be quite large.
File sizes are listed so you know what you are clicking on.

These should open with Quicktime.
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My favorite cache -- BIG jump! (1.5 MB)

Love this one -- watch his tail flip! (1 MB)

Good catch and sprint back -- he is so fast! (1.5 MB)

Quick throw to J.C. # 1 (1.5 MB)

Quick throw to J.C. # 2 (1.3 MB)

Long throw # 1 (1.7 MB)

Long throw # 2 -- good, longer movie (4.1 MB)