Red Rocks and the Visitor Center

In early May of 2004 we went to Las Vegas. Several of the folks I chat with, have met as I have traveled and cached, and have met as a cache reviewer had been talking about meeting and going caching. The day after the Warthog Down Cache we went to a place west of Vegas called Red Rocks Park. It was a very cool place.

This was once again desert hiking just like the day before... except flatter! Once you got on some of the hills the views were once again spectacular. We ended up finding 14 caches total during this part of the trip.

The image at the top of the page is the view from the Visitor Center View Cache. Click to see a large 628 kb photo.

Click on any photo to see the larger image.

From the other side part 1
Our first view from our first cache.

From the other side part 2
Panning right, more of red rocks.

Lil Devil up on the rocks on the southern part of the rocks
Lil Devil up on the rocks.

The pattern on the rocks looked like the measles.
The rocks had the measles.

View from the cache
One view from a cache.

View from the cache
Another view panning right.

Looking back to the trailhead from the cache
The trailhead and the walk down
to the rocks and the wash.

Mopar and GeoHo (Chris and Cher) walking back
Mopar and GeoHo (Chris and Cher)
hiking back to the trailhead.

The trail coming down the hill and working into the wash
Closer view of the trail and the
rock scramble down to the wash.

Panning right at more of the awesome rocks
Panning right, the geology in the
area is absolutely amazing.

View from the trailhead 1
View from the trailhead 1.

View from the trailhead 2
View from the trailhead 2.

Me with the cache!
View from the trailhead 3.

View from the trailhead 4
View from the trailhead 4.

The Group Shot
A composite of the four views above, 2980 x 750 pixels.
The file size on this large image is whopping 1.1 MB.

Toward the north end, last of the red rocks
The last of the red sandstone
at the north end of the park.

The rock then turns to white sandstone
The sandstone changes to white
at the north part of the park.

Moving off the rocks and the desert floor
Moving away from another cache
and the desert floor to the west.

Old dead bush in the harsh desert
An old scrub bush on the rocks.
Desert life is harsh.

View from the cache
Moun10Bike reading a sign.

View from the cache
Old quarry cuts.

Walking back from the quarry area 1
Walking back from the quarry 1.

Walking back from the quarry area 2
Walking back from the quarry 2.

Composite image of the north end of red rocks
This is a composite image of the two images above plus one more
image on the left looking to the north, 2126 x 700 pixels.
The file size on this large image is 489 kb.

Below is a composite image from the next area we went caching in.
It was to the west of the quarry in the Keystone Thrust area.
This image is looking southeast to southwest and is 749 kb.

Looking south into the desert valley

Looking back to Red Rocks
From the same point we could
look to the far left to Red Rocks.

Moun10Bike and mtn-man
Moun10Bike and mtn-man.
What a day!

Moun10Bike, Mopar and GeoHo discuss which way to go
Moun10Bike, Mopar and GeoHo.

Another scrub tree, this one in the rocks
Another old bush on the rocks.

Ripearean pool in the desert
Oasis in the desert.

Looking back toward the hills to the west
Looking back to the mountains.

Wild burros.

Wild burro.

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