Until URU D'ni DRC 1 Neighborhood Great Cone Races

On September 9, 2004 DRC 1 sponsored a cone race game on the Tapestry Shard. Eric even showed up for the last races. What a great time! Thanks to those that put on the event. My small contribution was to do some screen captures along the way. No photos from race 1 since I was in it!

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Getting ready to begin, gathering players.

Players and our hosts.

Getting formed up to get started.

Trisha, TheThunder and Twi-Lite.

Here we are getting ready to start the game.

The players in the picture on the right are:

(Back) Sean, Deius, Darksaber and Bogardan Mage
(Middle Row) essjay and Lotta Lagg
(Front Row) mtn'man and jmb30321

The players!

Sean and Deius in the second quarter final.

Darksaber sprints across the finish.

jmb and Bogardan start their race.

Restart after a cone fell through the stairs.

jmb gets to the top of the stairs.

Your D'ni Quarter Finalist!

Sean sprints to the finish line!

jmb gets that cone over quickly too!

Setting up for the final race.


Sean Wins the Great Cone Race!

jmb30321 and Sean pose after the race.

Eric offers his congrats to the two finalist.

Irinna was also one of the organizers.

Sort of a D'ni handshake!

Eric and Sean giving a speech to the crowd

Eric poses with the semi finalist!

Sean goes to the top of the platform. Winner!!