Myst Online: URU Live Widescreen Screenshots

When Myst Online: URU Live was restarted in late 2006 and early 2007, they added the ability to play the game in a widescreen format. I have a laptop with a widescreen format, so I took several screenshots here and there. It was cool seeing the larger picture, so to speak. I have assembled some of my favorite widescreen locations.

Click any image to see an 1440 x 900 image as I saw it in the game. A new browser window will open.
For those of you without widescreen capability, well, you will just have to scroll :-)

The bookshelf is one of the main parts of the game. We enjoyed seeing more and more books appearing. I will only show one regular size photo here. It is good to see the regular version of the bookshelf. You then appreciate the widescreen version even more.

The edges of the bookshelf have always been cropped off. In the widescreen version you do get to see the entire bookshelf. The version most see is to the right. The widescreen version is below.

The Normal Screen Bookshelf

The Widescreen Bookshelf
I like the wide format bookshelf.

Relto from the Clock Island
We got more and more goodies added to our Relto. I have the Ercana thingy page off. I also do not have the clock page turned on either so that I could stand on this island and get the wide shot of the island. Fireflies and the birds both fly around my Relto along with the fireworks from the calendar island reward.

Relto from Sparkly Island
Moving over to the new island that we got with the sparklys, you get to see the entire Relto island. I happened to catch this shot with the sparkly reward shooting off one of the shower sprays and a lightning strike in the background.

Ahnonay Balcony
My most favorite new place we got to explore in MOUL was the balcony in Ahnonay. From here, you could see the pods and the tramway. If someone moved from one sphere to another and you were standing here, you would see the pods rotate around. The details Cyan gave us were astounding.

Ahnonay Sphere Space
A close second for spectacular beauty is the third sphere, Space Ahnonay. The music here is some of the best in the game and I can just sit here and chill out and enjoy the surroundings.

Ahnonay Sphere 4
Kadish's unfinished age is a dark, strange place. This picture is a bit lighter than the actual age. This is the link in point and the book pedestal can be seen over across the gap to the left. Another awesome place.

Er'cana, at the end.
Another beautiful spot is at the end of Er'cana. In this wide shot, you get a great panorama.

Kadish's Prison
Kadish is my favorite age. This is my favorite place in the game with the beauty and music here.

Kadish View and Trees
This is my second favorite area. They say you can see a third sun, but I have not seen it.

Kadish Pyramid
The entire pyramid is also visible as you walk up the steps. Just awesome.

Gahreesen's first building can bee seen in its entirety in the widescreen format.

Gahreesen Training Building
Gahreesen's second building can be seen as you swing around on the end of the walkway.

One of the early shots of the game showed the floor of the Great Zero. Awesome shot.

Phil's Relto with a couple of explorers. Inside his Relto hut is something more interesting...

Phil's bookshelf was complete of course.
It is interesting to compare his bookshelf to the one at the top of the page.

Even the loading screen has been changed for the widescreen format.

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