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Movies... (I miss the cavern...)

I've decided to add some of the fan movies I've collected over time.
If you see a movie of yours and want it removed, email me. Free bandwidth from me though.

Right Click and "Save Link As" (Firefox) or "Save Target As" (Explorer).
They might open if you click them but it is best to save them and view after they download.
I am not responsible for the format or the content, I only host them for your viewing pleasure.

"Appearance - Patterns of URU" by tkwiggins -- 7:38 -- 125 MB
** This is a very large download, but so very much worth it. My all time favorite.
** Only 480 x 320 pixels, but the music and the imagery are beautiful.

"Save Last Nights" by Ricka -- 4:14 -- 23.9 MB -- (As Prologue ends, a personal favorite)
"URU Crazy II" by RR Caz -- 2:35 -- 16.4 MB -- (Driving the Zamboni!)

"QualityLive2" by Ricka -- 1:20 -- 7.86 MB -- (Save URU Live, As Prologue Ends)

"Wandering Ages Alone" by unknown artist -- 5.58 -- 34.2 MB -- (As Prologue Ends)

"Travolta Live" by Pezzi -- 1:32 -- 8.59 MB -- (Just plain funny)

Want your video hosted here, just let me know.
If you have some ideas for my web site let me know if you see me in the cavern. I hope to see you there!