Duck Hawk Rock

Duck Hawk Rock Ridgeline

This is an area that is off of the Alum Cave Trail that leads to Mt. LeConte. This area is temporarily closed to hiking from time to time but was very fun and has some interesting rock formations. If you look just to the left of center you can see a hole in the rock face, or a "keyhole".

Wide shot from the trial

As you turn a corner just before you get to Alum Cave Bluff you are rewarded with the view above. Two of three keyholes can be seen. The photo below shows the two keyholes in better detail. The photo on the Smoky Mountain Shots page is taken in the keyhole on the left. The one on the right is virtually inaccesable.

The Keyholes visible with a bright background

I took the photos below in the saddle on the right in the photo above.
What a place!

Duck Hawk Rock Self Portrait

Wide Shot of the Duck Hawk Rock Cliff

Temporary? I hope so.
Warning Sign -- Temporary???