Cherry Blossom Days in DC

Washington DC, our nation's capital!

The image at the top of the page is the view from the
Jefferson Memorial. You can see how beautiful it is in springtime.

Click on any photo to see the larger image.

Another Washington Monument Shot
Washington Monument.

Jefferson Memorial
The Jefferson Memorial.

Entrance to the FDR Memorial
Entrance to the FDR Memorial.

Fala and FDR.

JFK Gravesite
A look at the JFK Gravesite.

The Smithsonian Musuem at Washington Dullas Airport
Two planes are right at the entrance
They face each other as if in a dogfight
Composite image of the north end of red rocks
The SR-71 Blackbird. This is a big plane. It deserves a big picture.
When you enter the main hall and walk back this is the centerpiece.

Behind the SR-71 in the photo above you can see Enterprise.
Enterprise was the first test shuttle. It had no working engines.
It is currently being restored at this facility and is on display.
Behind the Blackbird is Enterprise

A side view of Enterprise
The view of Enterprise from the
observation overlook.

A closeup of the crew compartment
A closeup of the nose and
the front section of the orbiter!

Moun10Bike, Mopar and GeoHo discuss which way to go
Part of the wing section has been
removed for evaluation...

An explanation of the testing
they removed it to study the
Columbia Shuttle disaster.

The Concorde.

Enola Gay
The Enola Gay.

Cockpit One
Cockpit detail photo 1.

Cockpit Two
Cockpit detail photo 2.

Close Encounters Model
The model for Close Encounters
Speilburg had a sense of humor...

Close Encounters Model Up Close
There are odd things on the model
Here you see airplanes!

Close Encounters Model Up Close
How about 55 gallon drums!
Aliens had odd stuff on their ship
The detail in the model is

Close Encounters Model Up Close R2D2
My favorite, R2D2.
You see R2D2 on screen in the
movie as the ship rises over
Devils Knob. He is upside down!

More information about other
items on the ship are explained on
the plaque that is near the model.

The P-47 Lightning.
This is one of my favorite WWII
model airplanes.

These are pieces from the World Trade Center.
It was moving to see parts of the building close up.

World Trade Center Object

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