Feeding the whole group!

While on a recent trip to Minnesota I was working at a location near Rochester. There was a house near the place I was working and behind the house they had some deer! They were injured and orphan deer that they were caring for. I got to go in and feed them and pet them. They even lick your hands and arms! Since I was working I was kind of salty. It was truly amazing.

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The photo at the top is a large photo at around 275 kb.

The adult is named Alli and the two fawns are Billy and Brandy.

Meeting Alli -- corn makes for instant friendship One of the fawns comes up
Now the whole group is there! Smile for the camera...
Closer up shot of the group Giving some corn to one of the fawns
Licking my hand -- so very funny! I was salty!!! Great close-up of one of the little ones