High Valley Meadow -- 10,200 feet

In late July of 2003 we went to Colorado. This is group 2 of the pictures we took while we were there. It was a great trip. The photo above is a high meadow near a cache we looked for during the C.A.C.H.E. meeting. We did not find the cache, but who cares.

This is part 2 of 3, the photos of the views!
Click on any photo to see the larger image.

What a great place for a meeting...
A meadow near our meeting.

What a great place to live.
Horses grazing in the same area.

Red Rocks Park
Red Rocks Park outside of Denver.

Red Rocks Park
More of Red Rocks Park.

Closeup of the geology structure
Some rocks near the picnic area.

More geology with Tina to show scale
Tina looks over the edge.

The road that leads up to the parking area
Coming up to the concert area.

The road that leads up to the parking area
Leading to the parking area below.

Click to see a large photo, the concert area can be seen barely
If you click this image and look just above the portopotties you can see the stage for the concert area and some of the seats.
The file size here is only 95 kb.

My favorite GOTG photo. Notice the climbers on the large image.
Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs.
This is two photos stiched together in Photoshop.
Click this for a huge impressive 684 kb image.
You can see two climbers on the right side of the structure at left.

A morning photo shows the color of the rocks
The other side of the formation on the right from the photo above.

An evening photos also shows a different color
Looking lengthwise down the formation above from the left.

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